Troy ogilvie


Franziska Strauss Photography

Troy Ogilvie dances, teaches, choreographs, and directs.  She currently dances solos by Margie Gillis and Itzik Galili, teaches primarily in New York City, creates choreography wherever will have her, and is a Creative Director for The McKittrick Hotel’s (home of Sleep No More) SUPERCINEMA parties.


Troy has danced for and collaborated with choreographers - Andrea Miller, Sidra Bell, Zoe Scofield, Gabriel Forestieri, Idan Sharabi, Itzik Galili, Shannon Gillen, Margie Gillis (as a participant in the The Legacy Project/Le Projet Heritage), Austin McCormick, Harumi Terayama, Malcolm Low, Patricia Noworol, and Belinda McGuire; violinist - Liv Heym; theater company - Punchdrunk; and director - Peter Sellars.


In 2013, Troy toured internationally with the LA Philharmonic, performing the role of "Mary" in Peter Sellars' "The Gospels According to the Other Mary," composed by John Adams. She also collaborated with violinist Liv Heym in "Music in Dialogue with Movement", creating a duet inspired by tango and tarantella. In 2014, she performed in The Metropolitan Opera’s production of “Prince Igor” with choreography by Itzik Galili. From 2013-2015, Troy performed as Lady Macbeth alongside Nicholas Bruder’s Macbeth in Punchdrunk’s “Sleep No More.”  Troy has continued with Sleep No More’s special events team as rehearsal director, assistant to the choreographer, performer, and choreographer.  In 2015, Troy performed in Patricia Noworol’s “Replacement Place” at New York Live Arts and toured the piece to Germany.  Troy is currently working with zoe I juniper on a new work, “Clear & Sweet.”


As a dancer for Gallim Dance (2007-2012), Troy was an original cast member in I Can See Myself in Your Pupil (2008), BLUSH (2009), Wonderland (2010), For Glenn Gould (2011), Mama Call (2011), and Sit, Kneel, Stand (2012). As rehearsal director for Gallim Dance, Troy rehearsed Andrea Miller's work with NYU Tisch, Ballet Hispanico, The Juilliard School, The Steps Ensemble, The School at Jacob's Pillow, New Jersey Dance Theater Ensemble and Vancouver's Art's Umbrella.  She taught Gallim Dance master classes at Wesleyan University, Barnard University, and Skidmore College. Working with Sidra Bell Dance NY (2007-2010) resulted in solo work, Overtures (2009), as well as Chimeras (2008), House Unrest (2009), Revue (2010), and Beautiful Beast: The Other Face (2010).


As a teacher, Troy has offered her classes at Gina Gibney 280 Broadway, the Movement Invention Project, The Performing Arts Project (Panorama), Rutgers University, New Jersey Dance Theater Ensemble, and Brooklyn’s Dancewave. She has choreographed on Contemporary Dance Wyoming, less than greater than (2016), and has choreographed solos in collaboration with Lauren Wingenroth as a fulfillment of Barnard graduation Galatea (2015), for Andrea Murillo as a part of The Current Sessions, Volume IV, Issue II legacy part one (2014).  


Troy is a Founding Collaborator, Faculty Member and was Program Manager of the Movement Invention Project (Artistic Director, Alexandra Wells).  Troy is the Assistant to the Artistic Director and Board Member of Springboard Danse Montreal. A native of New Jersey, Troy began dancing with ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theater and graduated from The Juilliard School in 2007.


Franziska Strauss Photography